Watch Ajeeb Itefaq – Full Length Bollywood Thriller Movie

Watch Bollywood Thriller Movie – Ajeeb Itefaq. Starring: Ratna Bhooshan, Sudha Chopra, Vijayendra Ghatge, Mac Mohan. Director: Jyoti Sarup. Synopsis: A distraught woman frantically calls the Police station saying that someone tried to kill her. Inspector Navin attends the distress call and on further investigations it turns out that Aparna had a nightmare and there is no killer. A few days later a woman named Sandhya is killed, and Navin, along with Sub-Inspector Mohan, summon Aparna; as the homicide was exactly the manner in which she had described in her situation. When she claims that she has an extra sensory perception, they ridicule this, and even consider her as a suspect. But when Aparna contacts them again, and describes another violent death, they decide to look into this further. Shortly thereafter another woman, Soni, is found killed, under the circumstances described by Aparna. Before the police could take further action, the press highlights Aparna’s involvement in these investigations, and as a result, she may well become the next victim of a killer; who leaves no clues, has no motive, and only targets attractive young women. Can the mysterious killer be stopped before the body count rises?

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